Natural Remedies & Products


We carry various natural remedies and products for your convenience — to help you feel better, faster.

The main lines of supplements we carry are Biotics®, Standard Process®, Metagenics®, King Bio, and Chi’s Enterprise, with an assortment of other specialty companies. The supplements we use undergo rigorous quality control and are available only through health care professionals.

With all the news about contamination, toxicity, rancidity, and inactive ingredients in sub-quality supplements, it is comforting to have the assurance of our supplements' quality, potency and purity. When our supplement companies reject ingredients based on their stringent quality control standards, the ingredients end up in non-professional, lower priced supplements. There is also the genuine risk of counterfeit supplements when purchasing online.

Custom Orthotics by Foot Levelers®

You may benefit from orthotics if you have chronic back, hip, knee, ankle or foot pain. Foot Levelers® Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers are shoe inserts that support all three arches in your feet, creating a stable foundation upon which to build proper body posture.

Custom Foot Levelers help stabilize your spine and pelvis by correcting imbalances in your feet — the foundation of your skeletal system. These imbalances may occur even if you’re not experiencing foot pain, and contribute to postural misalignments, pain in areas throughout your body, and fatigue. An impression of your feet can be made while you’re in our clinic, and the impression is then sent to Foot Levelers. You’ll receive your custom orthotics within a couple of weeks.


Excellent for pain-management between your chiropractic or massage visits. Applied topically at home, BioFreeze® can help reduce aches and pains commonly found in the lower back, neck, shoulder, knee and hip, as well as the ankle, elbow and wrist joints. Lightly massage BioFreeze® into all sides of sore muscles and joints. When flexibility is decreased due to injury or arthritis, massage in and around the joint. BioFreeze® is particularly effective in lessening arthritis pain.

Therapeutica® Pillow

The "funny looking pillow that works!" Designed for comfort with both side and back sleeping, this pillow helps you maintain correct sleeping posture so you can sleep with less tossing and turning, and wake up without neck pain. Ask us which size (Child through X-Large) will be best for you.

Back Sleeping Therapy

  • Unique "Wedge Extension" supports your upper back
  • Contoured center section cradles your head for optimal support and comfort
  • Maintains the natural curve of your neck
  • Reduces snoring

Side Sleeping Therapy

  • Raised side sections accommodate shoulder height, supporting the shoulder and full length of your neck
  • Contoured head rests keep your head and neck level
  • Contoured side sections provide flexible cushioning, ensuring jaw comfort, essential for TMJ sufferers
  • Helps with shoulder problems

Shower Filters

Why use a shower filter? Chlorine vaporizes in hot water and is inhaled into your lungs during a shower. It is also absorbed into your skin as the hot water opens your pores. According to some experts, 5 times more chlorine enters the body through the skin during a shower than enters through drinking 8 glasses of chlorinated tap water!

Chlorine is used as a additive to drinking water to kill harmful micro-organisms. While this can be an important health benefit, chlorine itself is far from beneficial in the human body: it attacks organic material, such the body’s natural oils, drying out the skin and hair. Chlorine also interferes with thyroid and digestive function. Chlorine was used during World War I as a chemical warfare agent.

What are the Benefits of Using the Premium Shower Filter?

  • Moister, smoother skin—less itching, requires less moisturizer
  • Healthier hair—less brittle, fewer split ends
  • Eliminates chlorine odor from skin and hair